Strategic growth fund backing one exceptional company

1. Invest in people

People are the secret sauce that makes business work. Founders, employees, and clients are the best investments, and we believe in exceptionally developing great people.

2. Make founders proud

Companies that last beyond a lifetime solve problems founders are passionate about - from creating communities to enabling productive work. We do our best to follow through on that passion.

3. Build for the long term

We're data-driven and customer-obsessed. We bring insight to create great products. We'll go for the right thing, not the easy thing, for a lasting foundation.

Why Olympia North?

As former founders ourselves, we started Olympia North to become the acquirer we wish we had. Olympia North is for founders who want flexibility and care about the legacy they are leaving to their employees and customers.

Your Competitor
  • Cash out on their terms
  • One of many divisions
  • Your name is the first to go among many changes. Large changes to team (reporting to a VP), customers, and suppliers.
  • Employees at risk due to "synergies"
  • Founder locked in to multi-year vesting contracts
Private Equity
  • Partial cash out
  • One of many in portfolio
  • Emphasis on cost-cutting, leverage, and financial engineering for returns. Risks for customers, suppliers, and team.
  • Employees at risk due to cost-cutting
  • Founder locked in to 3-5 year hold period for carry
  • Full or majority cash out
  • Our sole focus
  • Emphasis on sustainable growth and your legacy. Continue relationships with your team, customers, and suppliers.
  • Invest in and develop your employees
  • Flexible terms for founder (stay, go, or in-between)